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Blank Ceramic Cat/Small dog Bowl

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Product Description

Blank Ceramic Cat/small dog bowl that you can personalise for your pet! Match to your home décor for that perfect pet accessory.

You are able to purchase this product in packs of 2, on a full pallet, half pallet and quarter pallet.

An full pallet of cat bowls with 27 boxes, with 24 bowls per box

On a half pallet you will receive 14 boxes of cat bowls with 24 per box, giving you in total 336 cat bowls

Quarter pallet with 7 boxes of cat bowls giving you 168 cat bowls in total.

Microwave safe

Suitable for use with 3D Sublimation Vacuum Box and wrap code PJB16

Approximate dimensions: 5cm Deep x 15cm Diameter x 47cm Circumference

Shrink wrap RSMW335-1 OR Silicone wrap KLBJ-MP

*Please note that the Ceramics must be at room temperature before printing.

Pressing instructions:

 12-14 MINUTES 170/180°C VACUUM
Further information:

The above pressing information are guidelines only as all heat presses vary from different manufacturers.

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