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Same Day despatch on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday
( Subject to T & C's) - UK Mainland Only.

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Ceramic Heart Christmas Tree Decoration

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Product Description

Ceramic Heart Christmas Tree Decoration.

A heart shaped ornament for you to sublimate with your own personal designs to hang on a Christmas tree.

These decorations are now sold individually and in boxes of 10.

Comes supplied with gold thread

Glossy finish

3mm thickness

You are now able to purchase ten boxes of decorations, giving you 1,000 decorations in total.

Ceramic, approx 8cm x 7cm

Can be sublimated on both sides using a 3D Vacuum Press. 

This item can be sublimation printed using a swing away heat press or a 3D Vacuum press.

These items are also suitable for UV printing and Vinyl Transfers.


PLEASE NOTE: These ceramic items may not be 100% flat as they are a manufactured product.

To get great prints everytime we suggest that you press these using a thin (1.5mm thick) silicone mat to create a flush surface.

You will need to heat these ornaments 'face down' so that you are heating through the ceramic ornament and not heating the paper directly.

The order from bottom to top should be:

1: Your heat press mat

2: The thin silicone mat

3: The paper with your design

4: The ornament with printing side facing down onto paper 

5: Then your heating plate on top.

*Please note that the Ceramics must be at room temperature before printing.

Pressing Instructions:
Further information:

The above pressing information are guide lines only as all heat presses vary from different manufacturers.

Tips and Tricks

Being a thin ceramic we recommend using a smooth silicone pad on the bottom of your heat press and using some polyester fabric as a top cover layer as well as having your pressure on the lighter side.

As always with ceramics make sure it is heated through to at least room temp before going in the press.



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