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Same Day despatch on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday
( Subject to T & C's) - UK Mainland Only.

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Rectangular Hanging Photo Slate

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Product Description

A sublimation rock photo slate with a difference. The rectangular hanging photo slate has two holes in the top and is supplied with a shabby-chic style twine rope which will enable you to hang your printed slate.

Please be aware that the photo slates are made from a natural product which means that they might contain black spots, blemishes, dips and bumps. These are normal and are classed as acceptable by the manufacturers. Please consider this when deciding the image to print onto the photo slate and the positioning of the image.

These photo slates are sold individually and boxes of 16.

Do not attach the twine until the slate has fully cooled after printing.

Size: 14.5cm x 29cm x 0.5cm

Clam Pressing Instructions:

Tip: We recommend using a smooth thin silicone matt under the slate to help even out pressure distribution and orientating the slate facedown so that the slate is pressing in to your print/transfer


Further information :

The above pressing information is a guideline only as all heat presses vary from different manufacturers.

Tips and Tricks

Slates are a natural product rather than manufactured so variance between slates is unavoidable, please find a few tips below to help you deal with these.

Slates must be heated through to at least room temp before going in the press to avoid the risk of thermal shock causing cracks.

Pre-press the slates for a short amount of time before adding your print (5-15 seconds) this can help eliminate any residue of moisture held in the porous rock slate as well as reduce the factor of the slate dropping the press temperature when introduced.

It is recommended to press this product face down so the coated area and print are being pressed into the foam press bed on the bottom and it is heated through from the back, this can help even out pressure distribution.

Polyester fabric (which can be found on our website) is the recommended top cover for the slates as this also helps further out pressure distribution.

Slates will be extremely hot and will remain so for quite a long time when they come out of the press, be sure to have your heat-resistant gloves at the ready.